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We are the Central Committee members and associates of The Republican Party Of Los Angeles County in the 54th Assembly District in California (the old 47th).  Welcome to our website. We meet at Denny’s Restaurant in Culver City @7:00pm every 2nd Tuesday of the month!

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(From left to right) Nick Hankoff, Lady Cage-Barile, Jim Sibelski, Reatha Grey, Beatrice Jett, Keith McCowen, Lynne Davidson, Don Wood, Cathy McLaughlin, Michael Fell, Bob Duitsman, Mike Marano

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New Associates (From Right to Left) Amir Zendehnam, Reatha Simon, John M.F. Adriatico, Matthew Charnay

We Had A Booth @ The Black Family Reunion Celebration 2013

Thank Lady Cage for organizing our booth at 3720 West 54th Street Los Angeles, California 90043 for the Black Family Reunion Celebration 2013

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Lady Cage-Barile (NCNW BFRC Chair) and Reatha Grey represent Republican Party 54th AD

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Jim Sebelski, Lady Cage-Barile and Sam Yue Republicans at NCNW BFRC EVENT

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Lady Cage-Barile, Keith McCowen and Ayana McCowen Republican 54th AD

Our Next Central Committee Meeting is February 11th 2013 @ Lenny’s Restaurant in Westwood.

We are now holding our official meetings at Lenny’s Deli (Westwood/Pico) in West LA. Everybody is welcome to have dinner and/or attend, but only members can vote.

See “Where We Meet” for a map.

Lenny’s Deli – West Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA
- (310) 475-5771 – Categories: Delis, Burgers, Sandwiches. 2379 Westwood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064 Neighborhood: West Los Angeles (310) 475-5771

If you have any questions contact
Mike Marano

The 2013 August Festival La Ballona Booth Was a Success!

This is us registering voters at our booth at the Festival La Ballona in Culver City

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(From Left to Right) Beatrice Jett, Mike Marano, Don Wood, Lady Cage-Barile, Jim Sebelski, Bob Duitsman, Cathy McLaughlin